SMS Cost

Outbound Message Cost

For single sms of 160 plain text characters sent through our system

Inbound Message Cost

FREE for all countries

Inbound Numbers

For single dedicated inbound number charged per month

Above price for inbound number are based on certain class of routes we source from our trusted providers. In certain cases the above routes may not be available and we may need to charge you based on the price available from other providers. Alternately, you can bring you own SMS Route/Connection or Pipe.
Disclaimer : The Flags icons used are just the graphical representation of the country name and do not represent the country's actual flag.

SMS Pay as you Go

SMS packs are to be purchased separately. They are available in prepaid bundles of various denominations. You can recharge your account as per your need.

Inbound Numbers

For receiving replies, you need to rent a Dedicated Incoming Number (DIN). The price of DIN differs from country to country and is billed monthly in addition to your subscription.